The MLCC sector rose by 3% on November 30


At 13:28 on November 30, the MLCC sector index reported 3,889.421 points, an increase of 3%, with a turnover of 3.898 billion yuan and a turnover rate of 1.22%. 

Among the stocks in the sector, the top five stocks with the largest gains were: Hongda Electronics reported 99.00 yuan, up 13.14%; Torch Electronics reported 85.48 yuan, up 9.90%; Hongyuan Electronics reported 190.53 yuan, up 5.36%; National Ceramic Materials reported 44.86 yuan. , Up 2.42%; Fenghua Hi-Tech reported 29.39 yuan, up 1.00%.

Note: The above information is for reference only and does not constitute any investment advice for you.

Article source: Eastern Fortune Choice data

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