MLCC leader actively expands production, and automotive products become the main direction


News from Science Innovation Board Daily (Shanghai, Editor Song Ziqiao)
Major MLCC (Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor) manufacturers in Japan are actively expanding production.

Only two months after investing 18 billion yen to build a new MLCC plant in Malaysia, Taiyo Yuden announced that it will build a new plant in Changzhou, China to increase the production of MLCC. The new plant plans to start construction in December 2021 and start production in June 2023. The investment The amount is approximately 17 billion yen (approximately 950 million yuan, including only plant construction costs).

The main layout direction of the MLCC for vehicles in the future is led by Sun TV. In the production expansion announcement, Taiyo Yuden put the MLCC demand in the electric vehicle field at the forefront. "In the field of electric vehicles, as well as communication infrastructure represented by servers, base station communication equipment, and 5G smart phones, MLCC is an indispensable existence." The company said.

It is understood that the consumption in the power system of pure electric vehicles is four times that of traditional fuel vehicles. According to TrendForce's research report, the demand for consumer electronics products slowed down in the fourth quarter, and ODM factories continued to be affected by chip shortages and power restrictions. The order-to-shipment ratio of various MLCC suppliers declined. However, since the third quarter, automotive use The MLCC market still maintains strong demand and has become a key direction for suppliers in new product planning and capacity expansion. It is estimated that the demand for MLCC in the automotive market will reach 449 billion in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 20%; in 2022, the demand for MLCC in the automotive market will be Climbed to 562 billion, a year-on-year increase of 25%.

As the penetration rate of new energy vehicles continues to increase, the intelligentization of vehicles, and the continuous deepening of connectivity, the market demand for automotive-grade MLCC is expected to continue to increase.
In addition to Taiyo Yuden, Murata, TDK, etc. have all launched high-end automotive MLCC production expansion activities in overseas factories in China, the Philippines, Malaysia and other areas.
The rapid development of China's new energy vehicles, some domestic manufacturers are also actively expanding the high-end MLCC market.
China Ceramics Materials recently stated that its products have begun to increase in new energy vehicles. The production capacity of MLCC powder for vehicle regulations is reflected in the production capacity of 10,000 tons. It is planned to expand to 15,000 tons by the end of next year; Sanhuan Group's The results of the fixed increase have been disclosed. The fundraising will be mainly used for high-capacity series MLCC expansion projects and Shenzhen Sanhuan R&D base construction projects, Zhengxingu, Gaoyi Assets, Hillhouse's Lingren Investment, Guangfa Fund, E Fund, Rich Country Star institutions such as funds have participated in this fixed increase.

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